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Boston, Let’s Skipti!

What if we told you every single item in your house could be making you money? All you have to do is list your stuff with Skipti, tell us when it’s available, and we’ll rent it out for you. What if we told you we also pick it up, deliver it, and insure it. We know, pretty great, right?

Earn Money From Your Unused

Put your stuff to work. That closet full of stuff could be making you cold hard cash. The best part is, everything is fully insured so you can breathe easy.

What could you be earning with Skipti?

Enter an item below and see what you could earn. Have a $400 camera, how about a $600 guitar? Your things can be making you money when you’re not using them. Have more than one item? Imagine the possibilities! Kick back and start earning.


Snap, Post, Earn

No Meet-ups Required.
Two Way Delivery.
Fully Insured.

Simply post a photo and description, choose your available dates and set your requested price. We’ve built the easiest, fastest way to make money off things you already own.



Life Unburdened

Rent Anything.
Delivered To Your Door.

Sometimes you just need a hole in the wall, not a drill. Our Boston apartments just aren’t big enough for all this stuff! We rent rides with Uber and rooms with Airbnb, why not Skipti the rest?


Hit Me With The Details


Breathe easy, rent easy. Every rental comes with insurance protecting the owner from breakage and theft, and the renter from personal injury. We’ve got you covered.


Self-policing ensures quality in every rental transaction. Renters rate the items they rent, ensuring great quality goods rise to the top. Owners rate the renter ensuring responsible renters are rewarded.


All rentals are anonymous and handled through our delivery system. Owners just open the door and hand your stuff to our delivery driver who will also return your stuff after the rental is complete. Renters just select an item and it shows up at your door.


Our Owners Are Pretty Excited

“I’m finally putting that pasta maker to good use….by listing it haha!”

Ashley - Listing: Pasta Maker

“My earnings calculator came out to $500 / month! This is going to be so easy.”

Gill Sans - Listing: Power Tools

“I can’t wait for Halloween. I could literally open a costume store in my basement #freeclosetmoney”

Rick Dempsey - Listing: Halloween Costumes

We Love Our Communities

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No Space, No Problem

  • “We needed to drill ONE hole last weekend…now we own a drill #wasteofmoney”

    Bob McMurphy
    Wish I Rented: A Drill
  • “I’m totally using this next time I see the Boston Pops. Now I don’t have to bring my lawn chairs on the train ;)”

    Talia Parillo
    Renting: Lawn Chairs
  • “My apt is the size of shoe box, this is clutch!”

    Anna Thompson
    Renting: Everything

Uber To Your Airbnb and Skipti The Rest

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