• Digitize The Rental Experience & Expand Your Customer Base 

    Skipti is a turn-key solution that allows for seamless scheduling and on-demand, roundtrip delivery of rental inventory.

Remove the friction caused by two trips to the store and in-person rental contracts. Acquire a new generation of customer that demands efficiency, same-day service and instant mobile orders.

Increase Conversion By Offering Same-Day Rentals

It’s as easy as book, pay, and deliver. Your rental goods powered by Skipti can arrive in as little as one hour so your customers can spend more time getting things done.

A SaaS and Logistics Solution For Circular Inventory Management

Skipti provides licenses for its cloud-based booking systems and integrated last-mile fulfillment fleet, so rental companies can meet consumer demand.

We Power Your Storefront With Same-Day Delivery

Reduce dependency on in-store foot traffic by allowing Skipti to pick up and drop off directly at your store. Increase your NPS score by adding scheduled appointments and eliminating time-consuming trips for your customers.

We Handle Customer Service and Last-Mile Dispatch

Skipti communicates with the end-user throughout the entire rental experience, ensuring bookings and deliveries are seamless. Companies do not need to manage drivers, send packages, or staff new customer service reps. Store managers receive order alerts and meet the marked courier for curbside transfer.

Integrates With Your Current Website And Systems

Skipti offers plug-and-play widgets that can easily be placed on your website or comprehensive API integrations that seamlessly tap into your current eCommerce and rental system. Our team even provides custom white label solutions.

Booking & Circular Inventory Management

Patent Pending Calendar Visualization

End-users select one-hour windows for both pick up and drop off. Companies can manage their entire rental fleet from one dashboard. Hundreds of unique items’ availability calendars are synced to one customer-facing calendar, helping end-user choose dates at a glance.

Same-Day, Last-Mile Delivery

Roundtrip Routes For Two-Way Demos

Delivery includes live GPS, text alerts, email reminders, friendly drivers, and attentive dispatch to ensure goods are routed with ease. End-users can access their portal at any time to view their order status.


We service companies big and small that require two-way inventory management.


ex. Power Tools, Lawn, Auto

Industry Leaders: Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware

Sporting Goods

ex. Golf, Tennis, Ski

Industry Leaders: REI, LLBean


ex. Camping, Adventure

Industry Leaders: REI, LLBean

Photo & Video

ex. Cameras, Rigs

Industry Leaders: B&H


ex. Instruments, Amps

Industry Leaders: Guitar Center, Sam Ash


ex. Cleaning, Decor

Industry Leaders: Rug Doctor


ex. Scooters

Industry Leaders: Bird, Lime

Party & Event

ex. Weddings, Conference

Industry Leaders: Marquee, PEAK


Rug Doctor powered by Skipti

Skipti powers one of the largest rental companies in the US to bring rentals into the modern era.


Rug Doctor, an international retail & rental company in the home cleaning sector, has partnered with Skipti to allow for online scheduling, payment, and two-way delivery of their carpet cleaners, power washers, and upholstery tools.


Online scheduling and delivery allowed this retailer to increase online conversion rates, and reach a previously untapped market of urban millennials who value convenience (and often don’t own cars). Skipti quickly became the preferred method of rental due to the added level of convenience.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Using the Skipti platform has allowed us to engage directly with the consumer and provide ultra-convenient access to our machines with minimal friction. Renting through Skipti eliminated the consumer’s burden of two trips to the store, waiting for help from a store employee and filling out paper forms. Together with Skipti, we created a new consumer experience while providing all the features a consumer expects in the age of Amazon/Uber.

For Rug Doctor, we now get real-time transactions, a complete transaction loop, digitized consumer information and instant feedback on the rental experience. The Skipti platform also allows us to better utilize inventory, reducing capital outlays and creating a more efficient equipment servicing model. We’ve taken our program into the modern consumer era.”

Andy Potter

CTO – Rug Doctor

Wow! Not only did I get a Rug Doctor that cleaned so much better than the professional cleaning I had a few months back, but I saved $200 and had it delivered/picked up for free.

– Will F.

Had an awesome experience having a Rug Doctor Pro delivered to our 3rd-floor apartment in Denver! The equipment was like new and our carpets look just like they did when we moved in. We’ll be renting from Skipti several times a year from now on!

– Cady G.

Fast, easy, and convenient without additional fees! I needed to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and was very surprised to learn I could have the unit dropped off and picked up at my house for no additional cost. The delivery and pickup were well-coordinated and easy.

– Lance J.


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