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New cloud-based software product empowers companies to easily launch sustainable revenue generating programs, furthering Skipti’s mission to facilitate next generation circular commerce.

BOSTON, Mass.– September 29, 2022 — Skipti, a SaaS and Logistics company, launched their Circular Commerce Engine (CCE), a cloud-based software application designed to jump-start retailers and brands looking to build, expand, or grow a sustainable circular business model – from Rental programs, to Try & Buy offerings, Repair services, as well as Subscription services – one CCE SaaS platform powers them all. 

“We have been building towards this moment for a while, and this announcement marks a major step in the evolution of our company, delivering on our vision to enable clients to reach different demographics who are asking for these types of services,” said Mike DePace, Skipti, CEO. “Not only have we expanded our offering, we’ve also dramatically improved and built upon our existing product which delivers the most cohesive experience in the industry to move potential buyers through the circular purchase journey.”

The powerful Circular Commerce Engine (CCE) provides mission-critical technology layers to organizations who value integration, security and compliance, as well as thoughtful user flow. Built by a veteran payments industry 

expert, Skipti’s CTO Michael Arner, with focus specifically on retail and brand’s ability to offer Rental, Subscriptions, Try & Buy, and Repairs programs. Programs chosen can be setup online and/or in-store with multiple delivery options as well as automated communication tools keeping end-users engaged and informed throughout the process.

Acquire a new generation of customer that demands efficiency and sustainability – customers who prefer to own minimal belongings, live in small spaces, or only have a fleeting need for your product. By offering your products-as-a-service organizations are now able to create a richer omni-channel experience while earning recurring revenue with a more sustainable, eco-friendly model their investors can get behind.

From hardware goods to baby products to micromobility offerings – there are many business sectors that can benefit from offering their products as a service. As a growing number of retailers and brands look for new ways to monetize their goods and services online, they are turning to Skipti as an easy-to-use, template-driven tool to promote their circular programs and themselves. 

By powering the circular economy, and focusing on sustainable commerce, Skipti aims to serve an emerging world that values experience over possession, repair over replacement, and quality over quantity while reducing production for obsolescence. Through their technology innovation, businesses can now easily adopt circular practices, diversify their revenue streams, and find new ways to interact with customers. The increase in global circularity processes will not only impact our climate, but will give everyone the freedom to experience more with less. 

Key Features 

  • Experience-first Booking: Patented tech built with real-time resource visability to give your customers the best scheduling experience. 
  • On-demand Delivery Offering: Offer on-demand, same-day delivery through our upgraded Skipti Delivery Hub. Traditional freight options including curbside are also supported and can be mixed and matched based on client need. Use Skipti’s fleet and/or your own. 
  • Streamlined Program Flows: Advanced research went into creating our program flows, building maximum ease-of-use for both our clients and their end-users.
  • Geolocation Powered Listings: End-users are identified based on their physical location (to within a few feet), allowing clients to provide listings and products tailored to them. 
  • Powerful Data Reporting: Capture data through saved individual profiles to generate insights into customer segments and behaviors, buying trends, brand awareness, and more. Use those insights to identify new revenue streams, expedite cross-sells, future rentals, and act to meet demand. 

Pricing and Availability 

  • Circular Commerce Engine (CCE) is quoted based on desired program and is available immediately. 
  • Circular Commerce Engine (CCE) product implementation is relatively simple with a single product widget or multi-product store inserted on your website with just a few lines of code. 
  • Additional plan information is available here

About Skipti 

Skipti is a technology and logistics organization helping to automate the sustainable commerce experience. For more information, visit www.skipti.com

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