• Skipti is as a decentralized showroom for brands looking to get more customers to interact with their products in person.

High end, online retail brands suffer from a disconnect. Customers need to try the product they see online to fully appreciate it.

When a customer has a chance to take the product home and use it in their everyday lives, they sell themselves. They build personal stories that no brand could ever replicate.


We market the latest, most innovative high end retail products to our customers. Our content team writes reviews and curates hyper local customer experiences made possible by your products. We build engaging advertising campaigns and help spread the word.


Users book time with your product. You send us some floor models and we rent them out locally, providing same day courier delivery and pick up. User may only intend to use the item for the weekend, but we are confident many will fall in love and wish to purchase.


After customers have had a chance to use, touch, hear and experience your product, we up-sell them and ask if they’d be interested in purchasing one. Interested customers receive a unique link to your site in order to buy and we receive a small commission for the sale.

Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • "Skipti is the perfect tool to increase awareness and sales at the same time. Skipti allows us to expand the reach of our stores directly to the living room of prospects, at no cost"
    Brand Partner


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